Burning Chibi


Tue Sep 15

In the battle of Chibi, refers to the Eastern Han Dynasty, Sun Quan, Liu2 Bei4 coalition in the Jian thirteen years (208) in the Yangtze River the red (now in Chibi City, Hubei Province, northwest) along the broken Cao Cao army, lay foundation of Three Kingdoms outnumbered, David and Goliath's famous campaign. This is one of the Chinese history with the famous war, is also in the period of the Three Kingdoms "3 big battle" in the most famous field. It is also the first time in China's history in the Yangtze River Basin for large-scale rivers, marking the Chinese military and political center is no longer limited to the the Yellow River River basin. Sun Liu finally broke the coalition to fire attack Cao Jun, north part of Cao Cao, sun, Liu Jingzhou claimed their.

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