Taihu in the rain


Sat Sep 19

Taihu Lake is located in the southern margin of the Yangtze River Delta, called Zhenze pool in ancient times, areas, also known as the five lakes, Lize is one of the five largest freshwater lakes in China, and east longitude circle 30 degrees north latitude 55'40 "31 degrees 32'58 119 degrees 52'32" 120 DEG 36'10 between across Jiangsu, Zhejiang two provinces, north near Wuxi, Huzhou to the south, east of Yixing, east of Suzhou. [1] Taihu Lake area of 2427.8 square kilometers, the water area of 2338.1 square kilometers, a total length of 393.2 kilometers of shoreline. The West and southwest side of the mountain hills, plains and rivers on the eastern side. [1] subtropical Taihu, mild climate and humid monsoon climate, belongs to. Taihu River estuary is the main aspect, many rivers, import more than 50. [1] system of Taihu Lake is from west to East, diarrhea, the average annual Lake runoff is 75 billion cubic meters, the volume of water of 44 billion cubic meters. Taihu Island, there are more than 50, of which 18 people live in the island. [1]

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