TianJin West Railway Station


Wed Dec 16

TianJin West Railway Station, was founded in August 1909, is located in Hongqiao District of Tianjin City, between the Ziya River and south canal, under the jurisdiction of the Beijing Railway Bureau, is now the principal station. TianJin West Railway Station is the Beijing Shanghai railway, Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway contact line, Tianjin railway, Tianjin Qin passenger dedicated line intersection here, is one of the five major railway stations on the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway. TianJin West Railway Station station opened in December 14, 1910, designed by German architect, German neo classical buildings of brick red. At present, the TianJin West Railway Station old station for the city of Tianjin cultural relics protection units and special level of protection of historical buildings, is the area landmark.

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