Pearl Spring



Pearl spring pool 42 meters long, wide 29 meters, around the puzzle to snow fence, willow shore light vertical, clear spring water ruby, a string of string white bubbles from the bottom of the pool and take out, as if floating in Caesar's million pearl, moving blurred; spring in the northwest corner of Zhuoying pool is fed by springs, after the spring to the north through the Baihua Zhou injection into the Daming Lake. Pearl spring area is a simple and elegant garden, green pines and cypresses, the willows droop, spring pool Pavilion patchwork; park on the west side of the arched bridge, a strain of five to six meters high, the Song Dynasty Chinese flowering crabapple, has thousands of years of history, according to legend is Jinan Prefecture of Zeng Gong planted. In addition, an artificial lake built in the north of the Pearl Spring, stone rockery, planting trees, some unique characteristics. Qing Dynasty Wangchang the Zhenzhu Quan Ji "cloud:" spring from the sand, mandrax mandrax powder, suddenly breaking suddenly continued, suddenly anxious suddenly slow,, mapping, big bead, small for Los Angeles, all from the bottom to achieve in the face. " People describe the landscape here is "jump splash Sprite linglong". Also near the spring, Zhu Shaquan, prose Tengjiao springs and other eleven springs.

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